Circus Horse!

How this ad should really read:

Circus horse for sale!

Experienced circus star is for sale. Ride him your way; if you can dream it you can do it! This Quarter Horse is a fantastic starter horse for anyone with circus dreams. Not just your average circus horse, he is very versatile and comes with a complete skill set. Take this talented fellow home tonight! He does have a fleshy knot on his shoulder from a sword accident; the clown thinks it won’t harm his performance.

Skills include but are not limited to trail riding (around the circus camp), hunting (for new acts), pack horse (for traveling between shows), parades (when the circus arrives in a new town), fun shows (even circus’ have their competitions)

Sample poses shown below:

Upper Left: Reverse Side-Saddle

Upper Right: Double Trouble Bareback

Lower Left: Bum Ride

Lower Right: The Classic Stand

Please stop by if you’re interested, the circus is in town for another week then we’re headed to Buffalo!

Asking $800 or a new trapeze set.