Answers all around!, Yahoo Answers, and do seem to attract the scum of the Earth. If Craigslist isn’t careful these guys could perform a hostile takeover of the internet stupidity cult. These fabulous websites are set up so the general public can find answers to their pressing questions from, you guessed it, the general public.

There’s really nothing like the blind leading the blind. I will admit that every once in a blue moon a normal human being will respond with a sensible answer on these sites, but for the most part the questions are stupid and the answers stupider.

Case Study I:

I know, I know I had to drag up something from 3 years ago, but it just was so priceless.

  1. If you are asking should your stud be gelded, the answer is yes. I don’t care if he is capable of winning the Olympics YOU are clearly not qualified to be in charge of this decision.
  2. ‘I can’t really handle him’ – stallions don’t settle down after breeding ever. So if you couldn’t handle him before you REALLY aren’t going to be able to after. Seriously this horse doesn’t even recommend his own breeding, on a personality factor alone.
  3. The top rated answer? Actually a really great one, the only thing missing it seems was a description of what an exceptional horse is.
  4. The original poster’s response to this advice? Decide to breed him to her mare, and then geld him. Why? Because he’s gorgeous and has some names on his papers *head-desk*

Case Study II:

  1. Ok, this is like a bad joke; a priest, a rabbi and a minister a stud, a gelding, and a mare all walk into a bar pasture, fortunately only one ended up with a lump on their forehead pregnant.
  2. 3 horses and gelding ONE is too expensive… I’m predicting problems here. Especially with the stork due to deliver another in less than a year.
  3. I think we have bigger concerns that one is not registered…
  4. Like 3 horses on 1 acre (really just a backyard). Managing that many horses on that little land is not impossible, but I have severe doubts about their capacity to handle the responsibility.
  5. This probably doesn’t qualify as ‘saying whatever on kind words’ but then I’m really not sure what that means.

Case Study III:

I want switch it up and take a look at the positives involved with breeding to this stud, can’t always be negative after all!

1. Every potential broodmare owner is concerned with fertility and they will definitely be relieved to know that he already throws beautiful babies!

     Which I’m assuming means they have spots.

2. $150! It’s a bargain, better get two breedings while we can!

     Don’t want to miss out due to raised fees after all.

3. Hunter/jumper potential here, his babies could be going to the Maclay soon!

     Ok, so when was the last time you saw an Appaloosa at the Maclay, be honest now.

Case Study IV:

I know. Needs no words right?

The good news is after further inspection I sincerely doubt that Sanctus actually owns a horse. Most of their posts are equally as outlandish and completely unrelated. I just couldn’t resist posting something so stupid.

So next time you have a pressing question, type it up and submit, the answers are bound to be worth a laugh!