A Xmas Pony

Christmas is coming and little girls everywhere have visions of ponies dancing in their heads. Gray ones, spotted ones, pink ones and every once in a while a good old fashioned unicorn top Christmas lists for little girls everywhere. Those same desperate letters to Santa begging for a pony – we have the room she can sleep with me! – are terrifying parents everywhere.

  1. Most parents have the sense to realize that a pony is not the best investment for their eight year old and these children receive a toy horse instead. Disappointment runs rampant on Christmas morning when there is no pony with a bow on its head in their 8×10 backyard, but in all it’s probably the safest (and cheapest) option.
  2. The fortunate few find a brand spanking new ASTM/SEI certified helmet under the tree with a lesson package at the local, properly insured, safety conscious stable. If the kid sticks with it and has a bit of luck a few years down the road they might lease an appropriate horse and continue with lessons.
  3. The pony is in the living room. Yep, that’s right Dad went on craigslist and bought a pony.

You can buy not one, not two, not three but four unbroken ponies! Anyone else having visions of a wild, galloping, 4-in-hand team pulling a pony cart dancing in their head? After all they have expert training already; there’s really nothing like a two year old running the training program.

A few things I really love about this:

  • The keeping it in the family breeding program!
  • Free babysitting courtesy the stud pony
  • Who doesn’t love a palomino paint or two?

For the rest of us already lucky horse owners, the Christmas season means spending a little extra time with our own Xmas Ponies. (Mostly because of the sub-zero temperatures, feet of snow and that automatic waterer that Princess broke, again.) I don’t deny it I still have visions of ponies dancing in my head on Christmas, although every now and then a crazed pony team crashes into the perfect hunter round, tramples the judge and makes youtube.


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